Now that I'm 33...

I'm not going to even pretend to apologize for not keeping up with my blog. I'm also not going to say that I'll try to do better and post more. School takes up most of my free time and since I'm going to school for writing, that shit eats up a fuck ton of time. Alas I love this blog (still hate that word) so I figured I was due for a late night of drinking and typing. I'm actually in the middle of an assignment right now and I'm stuck so I thought this would be a proactive way to shake out the cobwebs. I'll do some updates and try to keep it under 3,000 words because we all know I love to ramble...and gamble and say egotistical thinks like: "I look like two different people when bearded and shaven but both those people are extremely handsome."Let's cut the shit, I'm 33 now and that is too damn old! Actually, I'm fine with my age but the living at home with a lousy job is not very sexy. It's hard to manage my Tinder matches while claiming living with my parents is a smart fiscal decision while attending grad school. img_6554


Double Indemnity


more Double Indemnity!


My (33rd) birthday was pretty low key this year but I still had a good time. I took the day off from work and continued the McAskill birthday tradition of having waffles with candles in the morning. This is a tradition my mother started when my bother Jamie and myself were young lads and has not stopped.




(this is me proving I can do 33 push-ups on my elderly birthday)

I love waffles and being infantilized on holidays, so I have no qualms with this tradition. I had 5 waffles! What's that? You're judging me? How DARE you! I've had a freezer full of Eggos long before Eleven (Stranger Things) came along and made frozen waffles cool again.

FullSizeRender (48)

After the stack of waffles 5 high, I made my way to the beach. It was a beautiful day and I had a nice cooler full of drinks. After finally finishing a Batman comic I started months ago and forgot about, getting a sun burn and splashing in the water it was time to go.



I stopped off to get a small pizza, ate the whole thing heroically fast and made my way to the movies to see Suicide Squad for the second time. I enjoyed it much more the first time around. It has its problems but is ultimately very entertaining.


(mini pizza while watching Rounders briefly)

When I got home there was a mountain of Chinese food and I had my druthers as to what movie to watch. I landed on Joe Vs. the Volcano and the family seemed to enjoy it. In addition to the family celebration, my friends took me to a rooftop bar the following weekend and bought me drinks until I was drunk and yelling out of context rap lyrics. Which is something I do, ask Shane or Keegan. ASK THEM!


What else happened on my birthday? OH! I now own part of the moon, no big deal. I plan to build a tasteful condo on my land and use it as a vacation destination and an AirBnB while I'm not there. Actually strike that, I don't want strangers in my lunar bed that I'm not having sex with.


(I own land now!)

Let's recap some shit before I get to the most important thing to happen in ages! Hang in there folks. School is an endless barrage of work but it's amazing how much I'm learning and seeing movies I've never seen and writing weird scripts! My teachers are geniuses and every day is terrifying in the best way possible. You know that old saying "stress dreams are the true signs of impending greatness." That's a saying right? Beyond school I've seen a couple movies, one very much worth mentioning is "Hell or High Water" one of the best movies I've seen in ten years. Think "No Country for Old Men" meets "The Town" but written even better.


Go see it! I also attended a Great Gatsby themed party where I wore suspenders, a bow tie and beige flasher type coat. The party was lovely but I was driving so I couldn't drink really and I decided to Irish goodbye the party and I felt like a dick immediately after. I forgot that an Irish goodbye is only funny around strangers, not when leaving the company of some of the best people you know.



What else happened? I played poker and I think I broke even after three sessions. I want to play more but it's time consuming and school has me stretched thin. Just kidding, I'm still chubby. Look! I'm gonna lose the spare tire, just give me some time! What else? Oh! We found a bar that let's you draw on the tables and that was super fun for like 30 minutes then that place sucked (bad Feng Shui).


I liked how my hair looked in this picture and that doesn't happen often. s0000 yea.

IMG_6717 (1).JPG

(drawing on tables is fun! also out of context Chance the Rapper quote)

Let's get to the best news to happen in ages! One of my best and oldest friends on earth had a baby! Papa Brendan and mama Annah gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on September 16th. I won't post her name since it's nobody's business but I call her "lady" she's adorable and I'm beyond happy to see one of my closest friends become a father. The sense of pride I feel is indescribable. I visited the hospital the afternoon of the birth and got to hold Lady Powers while Papa and Mama had a well-deserved meal. It's interesting to see one group of people in my life progress by getting married, moving great distances, buying homes, starting families and I'm here regressing time-wise and going back to school and living with mom and dad. Alas we walk different paths but that's not a bad thing. I'm so proud to see them grow and excited for myself to explore new journeys.


These two amazing people made...



(papa B!)


(I will protect this nugget until the day I die)


(uncle Matt in the house!)

That should do it for this post folks!

Keep smiling, even when the weight of responsibility feels impossible to lift.