I went to film school and graduated from The Massachusetts College of Art in 2006. Fuck. That feels like so long ago. After college I decided I didn't want to fetch coffee for asshole directors, so I decided to play poker instead. Poker was a fun ride, but ultimately unfulfilling and unrewarding financially in the long run.  I did win 10 grand in a single day once, but not from my poker skills. That money has since found new homes around this great country of ours. After poker I got a lousy job unloading trucks and I've been there ever since. I had a brief stint in Los Angeles in between all that, but luckily that isn't the end of my story. Now, I'm back in school at Emerson College studying screenwriting and I have returned to writing my movie reviews! YAH!

I also enjoy hockey, comics, southern California, Disney, Halloween, candy, Mexican food and Mallorie Ekström. She's a babe/not my girlfriend. Hey-O! #swipeleft or #swiperight ? Whichever one says you like me.