We got through the road trip, I say we because you folks have been nice enough to follow along with the blog. Also I hate the word "blog" it sounds stupid and I don't like saying it. I need to think of a better name than that, like digital journal or babble site. Fuck it, stick with blog. I'm currently living in California, what part? A few parts, I've been bouncing around AirBnbs for a few days and I gotta tell you, I fucking hate it. I really do. I know I just got here but I don't know many people and after Sunday night, I've been pretty lonely. At first my days were at first looking for apartments, which sucked but I still did it. One place I saw was pretty tiny and I'd be a third roommate. In that apartment were two gentleman, both with dead fish handshakes (bad start). One was a full time student and one was "between jobs" that wasn't even the part that bugged me. They had one of those fancy lizards as a pet. When I say fancy, I mean the type that will smile at you but still eat bugs. I hate reptiles so I'm not going to give that creature the dignity of properly identifying it. The bedroom was tiny so I turned it down, actually I just left. The Next place looked really cool but before I could go look at it, the person looking for a roommate informed me his friend was going to move. Fair enough, 0-2. The next place was similar to the first, the guy renting the room seemed really nice but the place was dirty and I hated it. 0-3, moving on. My friend Brian (former hockey captain in high school now hollywood powerhouse), informed me of an available place near his house. I went over and checked it out, studio with minimal space but good location. How much will that be property manager i'm on the phone with? $1750 a month? Great, I thought it might be an insane number, how reasonable. Fuck you. My airbnb Monday night was pretty nice, it seemed like a very high end hostel. It was even close to Sonny Mclean's, a Boston themed Irish pub. I had been to Sonny's a few times, Ben lives about a mile down the street. IMG_4681

I went there for dinner thinking I'd be right at home, nope. Food was decent, as was the service but it's not home. After dinner Ben invited me to watch the Batchelor season finale with him and his girlfriend Riquel. I've never watched the show before but I can see it becoming addicting, minus all the contestants sounding like absolute morons and then breaking my heart by pouring their feelings out on national TV. After the show I hit the road and walked back to my Airbnb, attempted to sleep but couldn't.

I never lived in dorms in college so I imagine this type of unfamiliar living space is something people learned at 18 or 19 years old. Not me. I lived with my parents and commuted to college to save money (no student loans for me kids). Then After college I lived with two of my cousins in my first apartment (Kyle and John), which was a god damn blast, we even hosted an less than legal poker game (don't snitch). Then after that, back home with mom and dad, Ethan's couch in Huntington Beach CA for a summer (poker), then Kyle's couch while attempting to play poker, home for a spell (mom and dad) then Brighton with Ethan and Ben (Neirgarth) for many years, then Ben moved to New York and Keegan moved in. I loved every moment of Brighton (not sure why I left. oh right, dream chasing or whatever).

Now I'm a lost soul in a strange place, trying to keep it together. It's sunny at least. Tuesday I met my new bosses and took my drug test for my new job doing i'm not sure what but it's only temporary. Then I drove to the Santa Monica pier to walk around, it was crowded and dumb but I thought I saw Gavin Rosdale from Bush.


Which would be cool. I then kept my promise made to my therapist back in Boston to let her know I made it west and thanked her for everything. I then took pictures of myself trying to smile on the pier.

I suck at smiling right now.

I thought "in and out burger will brighten my spirits" so I headed there to feast, it DID lift my spirits, for a brief moment. I used to only eat alone, but that's fine when I had Keegan and Ethan right outside my door. Not anymore (that rhymed!).




Tuesday night there wasn't much to do so I returned to Sonny's to watch the Bruins. I was excited to watch the game with some Boston fans, maybe this will cheer me up. Nope. Back in the Uber and back to my new AirBnb in Culver City. This one isn't as nice as the last but the host is friendly and she has two cute dogs.

It's now Wednesday and I took the day to explore Culver City! Which was boring but looked nice. I visited the filming location for Tron (Flynn's arcade), got some gross sandwich at a place called the school house or some shit, had a drink at the supposedly haunted Culver Hotel.



Tron is pretty good.


fries were good but fuck this sandwich.


That place was pretty beautiful but I saw no ghosts and it sucked alone. Then I went to the Arclight to see "The Brothers Grimsby" which had a lot of cheap laughs but kept me busy for an hour and a half. Now i'm back at the airbnb questioning this decision (to move) with every fiber of my being. I know it has only been a few days, I have no place to live yet and my job hasn't kicked off. I'm gonna grind it out and see what happens, I guess this isn't supposed to be easy. As of right now fuck this place, but I know things can change. Thanks for reading folks.

Keep smiling (even when the thought of trying hurts your sou, that was dark. sorry)


I feel you lonely sailboat.