Last night in Mass

It feels strange knowing tonight will be the last time I'll sleep in the great state of Massachusetts for a while. I've lived within 30 miles of the place I was born all of my life. Minus a few summers spent playing poker in California and Vegas. Tonight I packed up my car with all my worldly possessions, of which there are now very few. I own this laptop, an ipad, clothes, books, a few DVDS, a handful of choice toys, a couple of my favorite comics, some artwork and the vessel it now currently resides. My 2007 Jetta Wolfsberg, my nobel steed in which I shall attempt to conquer this great land of ours. Good god that came off really douchy and obnoxious, but fuck you I'm not deleting it. The car is now packed, the Bruins secured a 4-2 victory over Chicago and I got my last Beverly meal. Nick's Famous Roast beef of course, those tax-evading masterminds know their beefs. Me and my good friend Keegan filled our beards with BBQ sauce and said our difficult good-byes. And by tomorrow at 9AM I will be saying good-bye to a place I've loved for such along time. I'll be leaving behind far too many great friends and family but this is a journey I must take. I'm done dicking around and not chasing my dreams of being a screenwriter/comedian. Yea those are lofty and goofy dreams but like I said before, fuck you. They're mine and I get to chase them. Keep up to date on my adventure, I'll be posting every day of the trip to sunny California.


I also want to thank my great and now former coworker for throwing me an awesome pizza party on my last day. Carl/Renee/Gilbert you were some of the best bosses I've ever had and I'm sorry to leave. cheers.


As for now, I'll be saying good-bye to the Atlantic Ocean and make my way to the Pacific.


Keep smiling folks! (even though I'm not smiling in this picture, it was cold out and alot of people were walking dogs at the beach and I looked like an asshole taking a picture of myself.)